Before you create the portal access, you can enter some information about the first working day of the new employee individually for each onboarding file.

  1. Open the menu item Onboardings. The Dashboard page is displayed.
  2. Press the name of an onboardee. The Onboarding page is displayed.
  3. Activate the Employee Portal tab.
  4. Press the    icon in the First Working Day card. The Onboardee input form is displayed.
  5. Fill in the input form:
    • You can enter a date that differs from the first working day specified in the contract. For example, if the contractual first working day falls on a public holiday.
    • A specific time saves the onboardee from arriving too early or too late.
    • Specify a specific location if the onboardee  could otherwise get lost - for example, on a large company site.
    • Under Note, you can make additional specifications that could be relevant for the first working day.
  6. Press the Update button to save all changes. All information provided here is displayed in the employee portal in the Info card. The Onboarding page is displayed.