The language of the employee portal  depends on the language of the onboardee's onboarding file. To change the language of the employee portal, change the language of the onboarding file.

Proceed as follows:

  1. Open the page Onboardings. The Dashboard page is displayed.
  2. Click the name or one of the phases of an onboarding. The Onboarding page is displayed.
  3. Activate the Data tab.
  4. Press the   icon in the Onboarding card. The Onboarding input form is displayed.
  5. Select the desired language.


    • When sending messages, correspondence templates in the language of the onboardee are listed before other languages in select fields. If no correspondence template exists for the language, you can still select other language correspondence templates .
    • Portal articles and Portal tasks without translations for the selected language will not be displayed in the employee portal.
    • Portal details for the first working day are maintained in one language.
  6. Press the Update button to save all changes. The Onboarding page is displayed.