As a task recipient, you can complete tasks that have been assigned to you. Whenever a task is assigned to you, you will be informed by email.

Proceed as follows:

  1. Open the notification email about the assigned task. Click on the link Open task form in the email. The Task page is displayed in a new browser tab.
  2. If required, enter a comment to inform the task creator about the completion or details of the task.
  3. Click on the Complete task button when you have completed it
    Click on the button Comment and complete later if the completion is delayed. The onboarding supervisor will be informed about the comment.
    Click the Cancel and complete later button if you cannot complete the task now.
  4. A success message or the following message is displayed if the task is not completed:
    The task has not been completed. To complete the task, return to this form at any time. The access link from the email will remain valid until the task has been completed.