Here you can see a preview of the topics we will be working on in the coming months.

How the functions are implemented will be determined at the time of development. The content may change over time depending on market developments and customer requirements.

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Updated: October 2023


Simplified job list configuration, design and integration

To date, our help has been needed to configure or modify your job list.

In the future, you will have a lot of freedom in designing the job lists yourself.

This has already been implemented

  • You can easily set the font, colours, background colours and much more.
  • With the help of filters, applicants can find the right job faster. 
  • If you have a specific target group or location in mind, you can create a job list with predefined filters, which will only show corresponding results.  
  • The resulting JavaScript widget can be embedded on your or any other website. 
  • Alternatively, if an agency is responsible for your website, the code can be sent by email.

Look forward to more features in the section
We have marked the section as "experimental" because we want to develop it further in the next few months and add more features. We look forward to your feedback: Email us

We are planning these features

  • You will see a list of websites where the job list is displayed
  • You can see a live preview of how the job list will look on the respective website
  • You can select a previously created job list in the application portal
  • You can copy existing job lists
  • You can copy basic data on colours etc. from the layout

Increase transparency through HR data

New Reporting
Many of you would like to have a more meaningful reporting directly within d.vinci. We want to offer you exactly this in the medium to long term. We also want to give you a simple overview of the entire process of finding employees. From the moment you apply to the moment you are hired, you should be able to evaluate the process accurately. Of course, this will continue to be fully anonymised.

Internally, we are currently laying the foundations for this and will probably make small changes again and again over the next few weeks and, if necessary, deliver the reporting in a completely new way at the end.


We work to optimise our software infrastructure as we want to ensure that you experience fast loading times, smooth navigation and the smoothest possible interaction with our software. High performance is the key to efficient working and allows you to focus on your HR processes without being slowed down by technical hurdles.