Explanation of terms

Format Template are e-mail or letter templates for repeated message sending. They contain frame information about the message text that should appear in every message.

The actual message text is not contained in the format template, but in the correspondence template. When a correspondence template is created, a formate template is assigned. Formate templates can be provided with dynamic placeholders.


Via the page Format templates in the menu, new format templates can be created with +format template and existing ones can be revised.

Behavior in the system

  • There are several types of Formate Templates
    • E-mail
      Format Templates of the type e-mail can contain frame information such as a sender signature, further information about the sender and the company as well as legal information and other notes.
    • System e-mail
      Styles of the type system e-mail are identical to the type e-mail, except that they are system elements.
    • Document
      Document type templates are text documents created in third-party word processors, such as Microsoft Word or OpenOffice Writer. The text documents are then uploaded to the template. DOCX and ODT formats are supported, as well as some others.
      By default, the system provides two format emplates of the document type. Further format templates of this type can be ordered via the d.vinci customer service.
  • When sending messages, users have the possibility to edit the message text of the correspondence template. The underlying formate template, however, is displayed in a grayed out area when sending messages and can only be edited in the menu. This prevents legal information contained in the style sheet (as well as all others) from being modified by users without authorization.

How our customers use this

Most customers use the formate template to address applicants above the content and the signature below the actual text of the email or letter. The formate template frames the text with this.

This ensures that all correspondence follows the same format and always ensures correct addressing.