Buddy is the name of a responsibility in the onboarding process.

In addition to the supervisor and the line manager who are responsible for administrative and specialist tasks, the buddy is the third type of person to support the new employee. The buddy is a person who welcomes the new employee to the company on an interpersonal level and facilitates his social and cultural entry.

Every onboarding file can have exactly one buddy. The buddy can be any other employee. Ideally, the buddy has the following characteristics:

  • Socially open-minded and communicative in order to convey a feeling of personal closeness and welcome.
  • Familiar with the corporate culture and the workplace climate.
  • Socially networked and pioneering for the establishment of further social contacts.
  • Familiar with the possibilities on the company premises and surroundings.

The buddy ensures that the following states are reached on the first working day and the following onboarding phase:

  • The new employee was shown around on the company premises.
  • The new employee has received and signed all necessary documents.
  • The new employee has received all safety-related training.
  • The new employee has all the necessary means at his disposal, such as access keys, tickets, etc.