You can customize job openings, hiring requests and applicant feedback by adding additional form fields. In some cases, form field contents can be used in correspondence template placeholders, and they can be displayed to applicants.

Required Rights   

  • Configure field schemas

Proceed as follows:

  1. Open the page Form Fields.
  2. Press the  Form Field button. The input form with the same name is displayed.
  3. Fill in the input form.
    You will find help for confuguration in the main article: Form Fields
    • Field*
    • Organizational Unit*
    • Element*
    • Type*
    • For Use in Correspondences and Job Offers
      • Placeholder Name*
    • Mandatory*
    • Display in Reports*
    • Transfer via API*
      Is only displayed if in the Element field the option Job Opening or Hiring Request and Job Opening is selected. Form fields with this property are transferred via the application programming interface of the application portal (Job Publication API). (Exception: fields=small).
    • Preset
      Is only displayed if in the Typefield a text option has been selected.
      • Preset With
        Is only displayed if in the Preset field the Yes option is selected. In forms, the field is displayed with the preset content.
    • Display Help Text
      • Help Text: Is only displayed if in the Display Help Text field the Yes option is selected. The help text is displayed a grey text beneath the form field. Its purpose is to help better understand the form field and or give hints on what content should be entered.
  4. Press the  Create button to save all changes. The Form Field page is displayed.
    By pressing the according icon, you can edit   or delete   the form field.