You can update the stored file in existing documents. Previous files are not deleted, but remain in the file history and are used for documentation and traceability.

Required Rights  

View, edit, and create documents

Proceed as follows:

  1. Open the page Documents.
  2. Press on the document that you want to edit, or press the   icon button. The Document page is displayed.
  3. Activate the Data tab.
  4. In the section you want to edit, press the  icon button to edit its contents.
    • Caution  

      WIf the placeholder has been inserted in a task, changing the placeholder name afterwards will cause the placeholder already inserted to become invalid. Therefore, make sure to select a lasting name or - if you must change the the placeholder name afterwards - update the placeholder inserted in all tasks and task templates.

    • When you upload a new file it will replace any preceding file in regards to tasks not marked as done. In the File History tab you can view all files uploaded and not manually deleted. The upmost file of the list is the file valid for tasks not marked as done. If you delete the upmost file, the next in line will automatically become valid for tasks not marked as done.


      The file versioning serves for documentation and traceability. Therefore, avoid deleting files carelessly.

      Each file upload receives a timestamp. When viewing already completed tasks in the new employee's task list, the system uses the timestamp to check which document was valid at the time the task was marked as done and displays the according document, and not a more recent one.

      There is a document that is updated monthly: "Canteen Menu". There is also a task template for "Provide Canteen Menu" with the aim of providing new employees with an up-to-date printout of the menu plan. In the document file history, the file has already been updated several times, always at the beginning of the month: 01/01/2021, 02/01/2021, 3/1/2021 ...
      The placeholder "Document - Canteen Menu" now outputs different documents in the task: For unfinished tasks, the most recently uploaded document is output. For tasks marked as done, the placeholder outputs the document that was valid at the time it was marked as done: Completed on 01/22/2021 outputs the file version from 01/01/2021, etc.