Explanation of terms

The default email sender is the sender for your messages from d.vinci to other d.vinci users.



In the basic settings in the tab Email you can set the default email sender.
We recommend you always use the address of a d.vinci mailbox  here. For example However, it should never be the address you use to forward applications to your d.vinci.

Behavior in the system

  • The default email sender is used for any correspondence that is not directly application or onboarding related.
    Classically, these are the daily notification, weekly notification in ONB, messages regarding personnel requirements, sent comments, the mail with the login details to the system or when the password is reset etc. But even with iCal dates, the default mail sender is usually the organizer (without calendar integration).
  • Basically you can add any email address as default email sender, but if you use a d.vinci email address we will have no/less problems, because we are allowed to send mails with the domain. Furthermore, returning emails will then end up back in your messages in the system mailbox.
  • Applicants receive emails via the candidate email address.

This is how our customers use it

Most customers have created the mailbox noreply@ according to our recommendation and regularly check their messages to see if incoming messages have been received there.