Updated March 2023

The new employee portal

We are working diligently on the new employee portal and making good progress. As we want to give you a really good and future-proof product, we will continue to develop beyond Q1 and are confident that we will be able to launch the pilot phase of the new portal in Q2.

Be part of our pilot phase and be the first to start with the new employee portal! Your feedback is important to us and helps us to tailor our product exactly to the needs of onboardees. Sign up now and be there when we reach the next level! We'll get back to you with more information in due course.

 Zur Pilotphase anmelden

Planned feature enhancements

You can look forward to these features:

  • Send correspondence with attachments
    If you want to provide your onboardees with individual documents like certificates or documents, you can do that in the future by adding individual attachments to messages to the onboardee.
  • Include screening questions from applications in onboarding
    In the course of an application process, you collect information about the applicant via screening questions. In the future, you can automatically transfer selected information when creating an onboarding. Manual copying is no longer necessary.
  • Edit reasons for entry
    Currently we offer you a list of different entry reasons. Your feedback showed us, not all of them are always relevant. To simplify the creation, you can delete unused entries, adapt existing ones to your company language or create new ones. With the more specific entry reasons, you can better control the pre-population of task packages when creating onboardings.

More about the new employee portal

Finding good people is difficult. That's why it's all the more important to optimally integrate onboardees from the moment they sign on and to bind them to your company.

The onboardee is the focus here, and that's why the employee portal is currently also our focus.

We are currently working on a major overhaul of the employee portal in d.vinci Onboarding.
We expect to be able to make the new employee portal available in the first quarter of 2023.

What opportunities does the new employee portal offer you?


Your onboardees are productive faster

Onboardees are kept top informed and have a good ¨overview üof their tasks in the onboarding process. This means they are ready to go earlier, have their heads free for work and become productive more quickly.

Your existing employees will be relieved earlier

The new employee portal picks up your onboardees early and conveys appreciation and belonging. Early integration also means early productivity and thus a rapid reduction in the workload of colleagues.

You create potential for more employee referrals

The new employee portal is a great sign out. Your onboardees will love it and recommend you to others - keyword employer branding.

You have a real competitive advantage

How often have you heard the question about onboarding in job interviews? You guys can present a great onboarding portal, which automatically puts you in pole position for that question.

What values does the new portal convey?



An individual portal for each onboardee with a persönal approach, transparent content and clear contact persons conveys appreciation from day 1 - schön that you are there!


For the onboardees, a new chapter begins with many question marks in mind. A clear task list with a progress indicator and a playful countdown that provides all the information for the first day of work give the Onboardees confidence. Uncertainty is replaced by anticipation.


What sets you guys apart? Who can I turn to? With modern articles über e.g. values and customs and transparent contact channels, you pick up your onboardees and convey a sense of belongingühl.

Fun; and ease

The employee portal is designed in a modern way and makes it fun for onboardees with animations, ease of use and little gimmicks. It activates them to actively shape their onboarding and move it forward.

Where is the journey headed?

We are going to make a good first impact with the new employee portal. This, by the way, brings all the features that the current employee portal has - and more! With the new employee portal, we have the opportunity for the future to give you and especially your onboarding guests a portal that we are continuously improving and expanding, that inspires and creates a real experience.


Curious? Here's a sneak peek of our prototype.

But beware: this is a prototype. We're taking our cues from the design. On the way there are always turnoffs, which will ultimately not lead us to 100% to this design. The small preview should serve to give you a first feeling for the new employee portal.

Enlarge view

What's on your mind?

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