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Updated October 2023

The new employee portal

We are pleased to give you an update on our new employee portal which is now in the final stages of development. We can't wait to bring the new employee portal to you and especially to your onboarders and create a true onboarding experience!

Currently we are in the process of developing the final features, fine-tuning and making sure everything is running smoothly. As you know from us, we want to make sure that you get a high quality product. That's why we'll be taking plenty of time for the testing phase.

Look forward to the release! We will keep you up to date with the latest news here and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Here you can already get an exclusive insight into the new employee portal:

What opportunities does the new employee portal offer you?

 Your onboardees are productive faster

Onboardees are well informed and have a good overview of their tasks in the onboarding process. This means that they are ready to start earlier, have a clear head for work and become productive more quickly.

 Your existing employees will be relieved

The new employee portal picks up your onboardees early and conveys appreciation and affiliation. Early integration also means early productivity and thus a rapid reduction in the workload of colleagues.

 You create potential for more employee referrals

The new employee portal is a great signboard. Your onboardees will love it and recommend you to others - keyword employer branding.

 You have a real competitive advantage

How often have you heard the question about onboarding in job interviews? You can present a great onboarding portal, which automatically puts you in pole position for this question.

What values does the new portal convey?


An individual portal for each onboardee with a personal approach, transparent content and clear contact persons conveys appreciation from day 1 - good to have you here!


For the onboardees, a new chapter begins with many question marks in mind. A clear task list with a progress indicator and a playful countdown that provides all the information for the first day of work give the Onboardees a sense of security. Uncertainty is replaced by anticipation.


What makes you stand out? Who can I turn to? With modern articles on values and customs, for example, and transparent contact channels, you will pick up your onboardees and convey a sense of belonging.

 Fun and ease

The employee portal has a modern design and is fun for the onboarders with animations, ease of use and little gimmicks. It activates them to actively shape their onboarding and move it forward.

Where is the journey going?

We will make a good first impact with the new employee portal. This, by the way, brings with it all the features that the current staff portal has - and more! With the new employee portal, we have the opportunity in the future to give you and especially your onboarding guests a portal that we are continuously improving and expanding, that inspires and creates a real experience.

What is going through your mind?

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