You are wondering whether you have exhausted all the possibilities of our software or whether there is still room for improvement? You have revised your onboarding process? Have new tasks been added or others dropped? Does the configuration of your system still fit your requirements?  
You want to expand your employer brand and become visible as a strong employer already during onboarding? In an increasingly tight labour market, do you want to become more onboarding-centric and focus on social and cultural integration in onboarding?

Every 14 days, we add new, helpful features to our systems in our releases , which are made available to you for free. To help you make the best use of these features, we are happy to help you discover them and configure them for your individual processes and applications.

This way you can make your onboarding even more onboarding-centric, efficient and modern, and get the most out of your d.vinci onboarding!

In the comprehensive check, we look at

  • the substantive examination of the system in the context of social and cultural integration
  • the meaningful use of the available elements and functions
  • your portal settings
  • best practice solutions

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