Here you can see a preview of the topics we will be working on in the coming months.

The actual implementation of features shall be determined at the time of development. The content may change over time depending on market developments and customer requirements.

You can find features that are ready for use in the What's next Archive.

Last update: March 2023


Simplified configuration, creation and integration of the job list

Until now, you needed our help to configure or modify your job list.

With our new feature, the Job Widget, you have a lot of freedom in the design of your job list.

  • You can easily set the font, colors, background colors and much more.
  • With the help of filters above the job list, applicants can find the right job faster. 
  • If you have a specific target group or location in mind, you can create a job list with predefined filters that will show only corresponding results.  

The resulting JavaScript widget can be embedded on your or any other website. If an agency is responsible for your website, you can alternatively send the code by e-mail.

Increased transparency through HR data

  • New reporting
    Many of you would like to have a more meaningful reporting directly within d.vinci. We want to offer you exactly that in the medium to long run. We also want to provide you with a simple overview of the entire process of employee recruitment. From the time of application to the hiring itself, you should be able to evaluate the processes as exact as possible. Of course, this will continue to be fully anonymized.

    Internally, we are currently laying the foundations for this feature and will probably make minor changes over the next few weeks, possibly delivering the reporting in a completely new way at the end.

Save time when looking for appointments

As part of the calendar integration, we are planning some improvements in communication and clarity of finding appointments.

Calendar integration Basic

  • Appointment cancellations
    In case a participant has cancelled, you can currently only see this in d.vinci. In the future, you will receive an email notification.

Calendar integration Plus

  • Direct appointment booking in the job advertisement
    To reduce hurdles for direct contact, interested parties should be able to book an interview with you. We plan to allow you to include a booking link in the job advertisement templates.
  • Check appointment availability for when applicant books the appointment
    As an appointment organizer, you should be able to clearly see during the appointment planning process whether a free appointment can be found at all with the participants.
  • Rooms
    • Currently, rooms are still entered as participants in appointments. They should be clearly recognizable as locations.
    • If there is no room available for a location, you can recognize this and change the location in the selection if necessary.
  • Confirmation email to applicants
    Currently, applicants are not notified by email of successful appointment booking. This will be the case in the future.