In the upper right corner you will see a collection basket   on each page, if a programme for viewing PDFs is installed on your PC. You can insert applications there to start mass processing. With this mass processing you can transfer all applications in the basket to a certain status at the same time, regardless of where you placed the application in the basket. 


In the Change status input form, all set-up statuses are listed for you to choose from, regardless of whether a status change has been created for this combination.
If the status change is not possible, a note "The status change is not permitted" appears above the Change application status input form. In this case, create a new status change.

Proceed as follows:

  1. Go to a page where you can see applications with a status icon, for example, the application list, the job opening page or more.
  2. Click on the status icon of the applicant and hold down the mouse button.
  3. Drag the status icon to the collection basket on the side. The number in the collection basket is increased by 1 and shows another application in the collection basket.
  4. When all the desired applications are in the collection basket, open the collection basket by clicking on the  icon. A list of all applicants in the basket is displayed.  
  5. Click on the  Change status. The Change application status input form is displayed.
  6. Enter the required data.
  7. Click on  Execute status change.


Your d.vinci automatically detects whether PDFs can be displayed directly in the browser on the user's computer. If this check is negative, perhaps because no PDF programme is installed or the computer's settings have to be changed, the icon of the collection basket is hidden.