There are two possibilities to jump back to sides you opened before.

The back button consists of two elements.

 Back button

Similar to the back button of your browser, the  back button to the left of the d.vinci logo allows you to jump back to previous views within the d.vinci system.

You go back one logical step (e.g. after adding an element to the list) and not to the last called page!

Back history button

History of the last 10 views you have opened during the current session. 


  • The d.vinci back button ensures that you are always shown current data when you return.
  • The back button of your browser may display outdated data when you return. Therefore we recommend to use the button within the d.vinci system.
  • The history shows only lists and detail views. Input forms and selection menus are not listed.
  • The content of the  back history button will be deleted when you log out or are logged out after a longer period of inactivity.