Organizational Levels divide your system tree-root-like into different areas. Together with organizational units, this allows you to communicate certain action frames to user roles. 


The order of the organization levels cannot be changed later. For a change, the levels would have to be deleted and created again. The hierarchy of the level is determined by the time of its creation. The later it was created, the lower the hierarchy level.

Rights required:

  • Basic Settings | configure

Proceed as follows:

  1. Open the Organizational Levels page. 
  2. Click on   Organizational Levels. An input form is displayed.
  3. Fill in the input form.
    Elements of the input form:  
    Required fields marked with *, optional fields without marking.
    • Display name*
  4. Click on Create to save the entries. The Organizational Level page is displayed with the details of the created level and a note about the creation.