Redesign or design your job advertisement layout and your job list 

Conceptually well thought-out, well-founded in terms of content, target group-oriented, and above all authentic – this is how your job advertisement layout should be designed in order to inform your potentiall applicants in the best possible way. You want to change the design of your job advertisements? Your job lists could use an update? The application portal is getting outdated? We can help you design your new layout and job list, implement it in the system, and optimise your responsive design. 

In a free 30-minute initial consultation, we will be happy to show you what current best practice looks like, which structure of your job advertisements would be optimized for search engines and explain to you what options you can use for your widget/job list in the d.vinci system. The aim is to identify a common thread that runs through your job list, job advertisement and career page and to not see any media break on your company page. This will lead to an optimal candidate experience! 

Possible considerations for your job advertisements 

  • Can more structure be created e.g. through backgrounds that change color? 
  • Are header images and graphic elements used to visually liven up the page? 
  • How can icons provide applicants with clarity? 
  • Is there a recognisable thread between your job list, job advertisement, application form, and confirmation page? 

Possible considerations for the job list/widget

  • Can more structure be created by frames, boxes or similar?
  • Is it visually clear which company it is? 
  • Are your job advertisement layout and job list visually coordinated?


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