Depending on which login method (username/password or single sign-on) is used in your company, you can log into the system in different ways.

First-time login

If a new user account with username/password was created, users receive a system-generated password by email.

Proceed as follows: 

  1. Click on the link in the email. The login page for the d.vinci system will be displayed
  2. Enter the username and the password  specified in the email. A request to change the password will be displayed 
  3. Enter the new password twice.
  4. Press Change password. The new password is valid immediately.

Log in again

If an account with username/password has been set up, follow these instructions the next time you log in.

Proceed as follows: 

  1. Call up the d.vinci system. The login page is displayed if a /intern is inserted after the system address. An example address is
  2. Enter username and password.
  3. Press Sign in. The Overview  page of the Applications  menu item is displayed 


If you enter the wrong password five times, your user access will be blocked. In this case, please contact your administrators. They can reset the password and unlock your user.

Login via Single Sign-on

If in your system Single Sign-on is activated, you will see a button Single Sign-on in the login screen. You can click on this and do not have to enter your username and password. Username/Password wouldn't work anyway.