You want a deeper insight into the functions of your d.vinci system? 

Your company is restructuring and you want to adapt the system to the new requirements? 

You would like to know if you are using the applicant management system optimally or if there are challenges that can be solved even better and faster with the system? 

You are a new user of the system or have new colleagues who should also get to know the applicant management system in the best possible way?

Contact us!

We can clarify minor questions by phone.
Für system checks, restructuring and the like we want to be able to fully engage with your questions and the system. For this purpose, we are happy to come to your company for training or offer online training.
This is how to contact us


Please write us in your email what questions you have or what goals a training should pursue with you. This way we can estimate the effort as well as the format we are likely to use to best help.

Also feel free to search our help portal here or use our YouTube webinars. Here you'll get insights into the software as well as recruiting topics and stay up to date.