You can change the applicant from one job opening to another job opening. This can be useful if a candidate has applied for an unsolicited job opening and now fits a specific job opening after consultation. 

Required Permissions

Applications | move to other job openings or Applications | move to other active job openings

Proceed as follows: 

  1. Open the application for which you want to change the job opening. The Application page with the candidate's details is displayed. 
  2. Click on the button  . A selection menu is displayed. 
  3. Click on    Change job opening. The entry form of the same name is displayed.
  4. Fill out the entry form.
    • Job opening*

    • Comment

    • Application To

    • Application On 

  5. Click on    Change job opening, to change the job opening. The Application page is displayed with a note about switching the job opening and the details of the candidate.


  • You can only move applications to a job opening that you can access yourself/where you have view permission.
  • Should you wish to continue to refer to the original job opening in any correspondence with the applicant, use the original job opening as a reference for correspondences by entering in the correspondence template using the placeholder Application To
  • The change of job opening can be tracked at any time in the history of applicants.