Explanation of terms

The Additional Header is used to add additional HTML code to a function in the header of the page. This can be used to insert tracking code, change labels in the external view, insert share buttons and much more. 


Additional headers can be found in various places in the system.

  • Application portal
    In the tab Data as Additional header for all pages.
    In the tab Homepage as Additional properties
  • Questionnaires
    In the tab Intro Page, Form and Confirmation page as Additional properties.
  • Job advertisement templates
    In the Data tab as Additional header 


Behavior in the system

  • Entries made in the Application Portal in the Additional Header for all pages will overwrite entries made in the Application Portal tabs, if any.
  • You can see if an application portal contains an additional header. This is shown in the overview of application portals in the column Functions with the icon    .
  • You can also find a hint what function the additional header has directly in your d.vinci:
    The code entered here will be inserted in the HTML header and can be used, for example, to implement a tracking code. Please note that these settings have to be checked for functionality in case of major updates.

This is how our customers use it

We often use the Additional Header to change the form of address from You to Du in the application form. If you would like us to do the same for you, please contact us.