When you open the Organizational Units page, you will see a tree diagram that graphically represents the hierarchy structures of your organizational units and organizational levels.

If a display can no longer be made on one page, you will see scroll bars over which you can move the view.

Use the icon    or the icon   to switch the display between list and tree view. 

The following functions are available on this page:

  • Button Organizational levels: here you can create organizational levels  
  • Button  Organizational Unit

In the tree view you will see the following: 

  • Title written in blue (Organizational Unit)
    Click on it to view the detail page for the organizational unit
  • Organizational Level
  • Icon  
    This indicates that the e-mail sender is located here
  • Icon  
    Edit the item
  • Icon  
    Create a new organizational unit
  • Icon   
    Show and hide parts of the tree diagram