In some places in the system you have the possibility to change the order of the created entries, as this has an influence on the order in which they are listed and thus displayed, for example, to the applicant or to you.

This sorting is possible, for example, in the screening questions.


You can recognize the sorting option by the fact that two dashes  are displayed before the title of the item.

Proceed as follows: 

  • Open the list in which it is possible to change the sorting.
  • Hold your mouse cursor over the symbol  . The mouse cursor is now displayed as  .
  • Press the left mouse button on it, keep the mouse cursor pressed and drag the value vertically up or down to the desired position.

Examples where sorting makes sense: 

  • Application status
    These should be sorted in the order in which they are likely to represent the process. This makes sense because they are then also listed in the application overview from left to right accordingly.
    They are also listed from top to bottom in the status change menu. 
  • Screening questions
    Appear in the order in which they are stored in the system and are visible to the applicant.