A cookie is text information that can be stored in the browser on the viewer's computer in each case to a visited website (web server, server). The cookie is either sent to the browser by the web server or generated in the browser by a script (JavaScript). The web server can read this cookie information directly from the server during subsequent, renewed visits to this page or transfer the cookie information to the server via a script on the website. The task of these cookies is, for example, to identify the surfer (session ID), to save a login at a web application such as Wikipedia, Facebook, etc. or to save a shopping cart at an online retailer. The applicant management system only uses temporary cookies (session cookies). These are automatically deleted as soon as the user closes the browser.

Based on the following Wikipedia article: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/HTTP-Cookie 

The following cookies are used in your d.vinci:




Gespeicherte Daten


internal and external


The purpose of this cookie is to identify your computer during your visit to our website.

Session ID


external onlycaptchaIs required to prevent automatic access in the application form. It is only set if the "Captcha" field is activated in the application form.Tokenmax. 1 day
external onlydvinciVideoEmbedProtection

The purpose of this cookie is to determine whether you have consented to the loading of video content for YouTube and/or Vimeo for the duration of the session.

Which portal was agreed to. (YouTube and/or Vimeo)
internal onlydvinciSessionIdThe purpose of this cookie is to identify your computer during your visit to all products.Session IDSession
internal onlySESSIONThe purpose of this cookie is to identify your computer during your visit to the respective product. (platform, onboarding, ...)Session IDSession
internal onlyd5MenuCookieThe purpose of this cookie is to remember whether you have expanded or collapsed your menu and to be able to restore it in exactly the same way the next time you load it.
Session IDSession


It is possible that other cookies are also inserted into the system. For example, if you use Google Fonts that you do not host yourself or integrate tracking/analysis tools such as Google Analytics.

Please check this yourself at the appropriate place (job advertisement template, layout, additional header of the application portal).

Some cookies require the active consent of the Internet user. Please ask your data protection specialist about the form in which these cookies must be indicated and how consent must be given.
It is possible to include a cookie banner in the areas of your d.vinci that are visible to the applicant.