In order to navigate / open pages in d.vinci software products, use the navigation bar. You can personalize the My Menu contained in the navigation bar.

Pages and Menu Pages

All accessible areas in d.vinci are called pages. Each page has a page title that indicates the content and function of that page. Among those, menu pages are such pages that can be added to the navigation bar menu.


  • The menu page Job Openings lists all job openings visible to the user. This page can be added to the navigation bar and is thus called a menu page.
  • Every single job opening is displayed on a page of its own, which in all cases is calles Job Opening. These pages cannot be added to the navigation bar.

Navigation Bar

The navigation bar is displayed on the left side of sufficiently big screens. On smaller screens, the navigation bar drops to the display bottom.

Menu and My Menu

IIn the navigation bar the menu item Menu is always displayed. This opens the pop-up window Menu that shows all available menu pages.

In the pop-up window Menu, you can personalize menu items that are displayed in the navigation bar by adding or removing items in the My Menu section.