In your d.vinci you have the possibility to delay the sending of a correspondence. Day and time can be scheduled into the future. 

Many customers adjust the time to uneven numbers, as the mailing then appears more convincing.

However, we cannot implement these very individual times.
Our mail server checks every half hour whether e-mails are available for sending in the system and sends them.
At 10:13, it rounds off and the email gets sent out at 10:00. From 10:15 it would be sent at 10:30. Depending on how many emails are in the system to be sent, it may show up as a send time of 10:01 or 10:02, etc.

However, since we cannot check every minute whether e-mails are available for sending (we would have to be an e-mail provider for this), the sending times are always around these times ...:00 and ...:30.

We have introduced this function primarily so that colleagues who work very late (11 p.m. in the home office) have the possibility to postpone the mailing to a time that is more understandable for the applicant.