Get your d.vinci applicant management in shape with our best practice check!

Your application process has changed? The configuration of your system doesn't quite match your internal processes anymore? Are you wondering if there is a simpler way and if we have a solution for your recruiting challenges?

You are always struggling with a certain issue that you would like to solve in the system? We check the configuration of your d.vinci applicant management so that you are up to date with all functions!

Every 14 days in our releases we add new, helpful features to our systems that are made available to you for free. To help you get the most out of these features, we're happy to help you discover and configure them for your unique processes and applications.

This is how you can make your recruiting even more applicant-friendly, efficient and smart while getting the most out of your d.vinci applicant management!

In the comprehensive check, we ask ourselves the following questions:

  • Are there features and innovations that you haven't used yet?
  • Could you work even better with the system if some features were configured differently?
  • Are there any tips & tricks you should know?
  • Are you using the potential of interfaces and integration with other systems?
  • Is the job ad layout and integration into your career website as applicant-friendly as possible?

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