Before we bring new partners on board, we subject them to a thorough review of all aspects of data privacy and information security. Therefore, the GDPR and ISO 27001 are decisive for us. We only enter a partnership where we have no concerns on this.

You and your data protection officers and information security officers should be able to work with d.vinci without hesitation at any time. We do not want to cause you more work than you already have. 

However, we always recommend involving your data protection officer with every feature you activate.

Documents to help you internally audit calendar integration can be found in the attachment.

  • Cronofy - Standard Data Procession Addendum
  • Cronofy - Data Management Policy
  • Cronofy - Security Whitepaper
  • Anlage 4 - Weiterer Unterauftragsverarbeiter Cronofy (You will find the AVVs at our website)

Important information about the partnership with Cronofy (Netherlands)

  • Cronofy's server locations are in the EU.
  • ISO27001/18 and SOC 2 reports from Cronofy are always available through their Privacy and Security Hub.
  • You must be aware that your employees' calendars are accessed through Cronofy. This is the only way we can offer the simplified appointment organization that was so often requested.
  • We want you to be free to choose to use the feature. That is why we have designed the calendar integration in such a way that you can switch it on or off for the entire company.

You can also find more information on our website.