The help assistant says "bye-bye" - With new insights, the journey to improvement continues!

Since May, we have been testing the help assistant together with you. After intensive testing and collecting feedback, we have decided to stop using it from 21.09.2023.

The light bulb icon with step-by-step instructions and news will no longer be available to you from that date.

Our goal is always to provide you with the best user experience possible. During our testing, we have evaluated how you, as our users, use the help asssistant, checked our use cases and closely monitored how the usability works for you and us. Unfortunately, the Help Assistant did not deliver the quality and functionality that we hoped for and that met our needs.

But don't worry! Based on the knowledge we have gained, we are still working on solutions to be able to offer you even better support in the future. We will keep you informed of any further developments.

The help portal and our customer service will of course remain available to you.

Your feedback is very important to us. If you have any comments, questions or suggestions, please write to our UX team

Best regards and thank you for your patience and support!


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Step-by-step guides and news directly in d.vinci

Explanation of term

We are currently evaluating if we can support you in the future directly in d.vinci with a help assistant.  

As of 04.05.2023, our help assistant is designed to help you work with and navigate through d.vinci faster and more efficiently. It will guide you step-by-step through the features directly in d.vinci if needed, showing you tips and tricks, new features and announcements. 

With this assistant, you can solve your challenges right where they arise without help from colleagues or our Customer Service. We hope it feels a bit like our Customer Service colleagues are standing next to you, guiding you through the software or advising you on what to consider when configuring it.

Your benefits by the Help Assistant

  • The assistant guides you step-by-step through what you need to do in d.vinci.
    Even complex tasks are simplified in this way.
    Contents could be: Set up Google for Jobs, create job postings, connect job boards via interface, maintain master data, create applications, use hiring requests, why can't I see an application?
  • We show you where you can find new features.
    We will guide you through setting up the new feature from start to finish if needed. 
  • You will find around-the-clock assistance and won't have to leave the system.
  • You can also give us perspective feedback on how the tutorial or feature is for you.

Help us to help you

By using the Help Assistant and providing feedback, you can make a significant contribution to improving your user experience.

Please use the Help Assistant before contacting our Customer Service. Maybe the step-by-step instructions can already help directly. First of all, you will find content on frequently asked topics.

We will look at how you use the assistent over the next few months and ask you for feedback at various points if necessary.

If we find that you don't get any added value from the new feature, we will disable it again. 

However, we are convinced that the Help Assistant can be a valuable addition to our customer service and look forward to hearing your opinions.


By default, the Help Assistant is enabled on your d.vinci system. We can turn it off if you don't want to use it. However, we recommend it, as we may remove instructions from the help portal in the future.
If you are not interested in using it, please email us at

Behavior in the System

  • The Help Assistant is enabled unless your organization has opted out. See configuration.
  • Currently it is only available in German. If we realize it the assistant is helpful for you, we will translate the content into English.
  • The Help Assistant appears as a bubble overlay in your d.vinci. Probably in the top right corner.
  • By drag and drop you can change the position of the icon.
  • Clicking on the icon will open a menu.
    Here you will find the following: 
    •  Instructions
      • Step-by-step instructions that guide you through configuring a function
      • Overviews of the structure of the system
      • Tips and tricks in the daily use of d.vinci 
      • How-to guides that will lead you to new features
    •  News
      • Announcements 
      • New functions
      • Recommended guides
      • Services you canönt use
      • Reminders of configurations to be completed by time x
      • Feedback options
    •  Search
      • Search for guides and news
    •  Help.
      • Jump into our help portal with additional and more in-depth information
      • Contact point to our Customer Service
  • If the menu is open, you can search for instructions/content via the magnifying glass
  • Guides and news can be restricted according to user permissions, so for example only people who can edit master data will see a guide on how to create places. However, we make some content available to all users. 

Privacy and Information Security 

Before we bring new partners on board, we subject them to a thorough review of all aspects of data protection and information security. For us, the DSGVO and ISO 27001 are essential. We only enter into this partnership if we have no concerns with regard to data protection and information security.

You and your privacy and information security officers should be able to work with d.vinci at any time without hesitation. We do not want to make more work for you than you already have by adding additional checks. However, we always recommend involving your privacy officer with any feature you enable. 

Important things about the partnership with Userlane

  • If you use the help wizard feature and do not disable it, you accept Userlane as a new subcontractor in our systems. 
  • Userlane's server locations are in the EU.
  • We specifically chose a German provider when selecting a partner. 
  • We are currently in a testing phase here.
  • ISO27001/18 certificate from Userlane is available anytime üvia the Userlane Trust Center in the Security Overview section.

These documents may help you with internal auditing

  • Userlane - Data Processing Addendum (DPA)  
  • Userlane - FAQ for the works council
  • Userlane order processing agreement (help assistant) (German)
  • How Userlane works
  • Information about cookies from Userlane