Help us help you!

To be able to help you with your inquiries optimally and as fast as possible, we need some information. So we can recreate and test the system behavior.

Please provide us with the following information

Category of request
Affected elements
Short description

 Example request

category of requestAdministration - Error
Affected elementsUser XY
Link to user:
Short descriptionUser XY is currently unable to view the application (link to application).
TargetThe user XY should be able to see and edit the application.
ScreenshotsPost a screenshot or send it as an attachment


  • Send us the URL to the affected elements (user, application, etc.)
    This way you don't send any personal data and we can jump directly to your example. 
  • You have already made a request and forgot to mention something about it?
    Please reply to the confirmation email. We work with a ticket system. If you reply, your message will be assigned to the correct ticket.
  • You have a question about a new topic?
    Please send us a new email.

Help to fill out the grid 

Category of request

In which category does your request belong?

  • Administration - System Configuration
    You need to change something in the system, but you don't know exactly how.
    E.g. master data, screening questions, license 
  • Administration - Error
    You detect an error / Something is not working as it should
    E.g. The page can't be loaded.
  • External area
    E.g. job boards, interfaces, job portals, job ads, application forms, API to other tools
  • Layout
    You want to customize application portal, job list or job ad.
  • Multiposting
    E.g. job publication, configuration, billing
  • Structural adjustments in the system
    Integration of subsidiaries, restructuring, rollout to of parts of the company
  • Training requests
    E.g. best practice check, user training of HR departments, line management or administrators

Affected elements

Which element is affected?

  • With which user did the behavior occur or who is affected?
  • With which application and/or which job advertisement/job publication/message, job ad template, role, hiring request, etc. has the behavior occurred?

Short description

What do you need help with? What is not fitting at this time?
Please describe us briefly, the system behavior that needs to be improved.  


What goal do you want to achieve?
The more we know about what you want and expect to achieve, the more likely we are able to provide you with tailored support.


Are there any screenshots that show the behavior well?
Please take a screenshot of the entire screen so that the URL as well as the timestamp are visible to us.