If you go to the menu option Onboardings the page Dashboard will be shown. Here you will see a list of onboardings. This gives users an overview of all the information they need for their personal skills.

The Onboardings tab contains all active onboarding processes in the logged-in user's area of responsibility.

  • Via the button  Onboardings the filtered onboarding processes can be summarized according to a selected criterion.
  • Via the button the view can be narrowed down further, for example to the reason for joining or the managerial skills.
  • The My Onboardings filter is preselected so that only the onboardings for which the user currently has a responsibility are displayed.
  • The Status: Active filter is preselected so that only currently running onboarding processes are displayed.
  • Via + Create Onboarding a new onboarding can be entered.
  • Via Export an Excel list of onboardings can be downloaded.
  • You can access the onboarding via the name.
  • The onboarding diagram shows the current status of the onboarding process.

The Tasks tab shows all tasks for all onboardees.

  • Via the button the view can be further restricted, for example to a maturity period.
  • The filters My Tasks and Urgent Tasks are preselected.
  • Via   Select All all onboardings can be processed at the same time.
  • If some tasks are selected, the Finish Selected button can be pressed.
  • Hidden behind the button is Delete Selected.
  • The number badge at the top of the tab shows the number of tasks displayed.
  • Colored tasks mean that you can expand the task text and take a closer look at it.