The dashboard is a page of the d.vinci Onboarding. Here the signed in user gets an overview of all information they require to finish their personal responsibilities.


This article concerns the d.vinci Onboarding. There is an article with the same name Dashboard for the d.vinci Applicant Tracking.

To open the dashboard, press the menu item New Employees.

  • The tab Onboardings contains all active onboarding files within the area of responsibility of the signed in user. The filter Status: Active is preselected to show only ongoing onboardings.
    • By pressing the button  Onboardings , currently filtered onboarding files can be summarized by a selceted criteria.
    • The onboarding chart shows the current onboarding status.
  • The tab Tasks shows all tasks for all new employees. The filters My Tasks and Urgent Tasks are preselected. The counter in the tab head shows the number of filtered tasks.