Each onboarding file is assigned with selected users who are responsible for performing tasks. Responsible users ensure that the desired states are reached on time and in full at the end of each onboarding phase. It doesn't matter whether the responsible users perform their tasks themselves or transfer them to third parties.

You can create as many responsibilities as you like and name them according to your own needs in order to include all persons involved in the onboarding process. The responsibilities are displayed in the input forms for creating and editing onboardings and can be assigned to users there. In this way, you define exactly for each onboarding file which user is involved with which responsibility.

All responsibilities fall into one of the following groups. The grouping has an effect on viewing rights in particular. For example, you can determine which group can access what information for selected onboarding files, to protect the onboardee's financial or personal information.

Each onboarding file requires a supervisor and a line manager who are responsible for administrative and technical tasks. Therefore, there are two responsibilities with the same names, which are provided by default and cannot be deleted. However, you can rename them.

To reduce the workload of the supervisor and manager, you can create additional supervisors and line managers. The system therefore by default provides two responsibilities: Additional Supervisor and Additional Line Manager. You can rename or delete these.

Buddies can be provided for the social integration of the onboardee. For this reason, the system provides a default responsibility called Buddy, which can be deleted or renamed.

All other responsibilities you create that do not belong to any of the three main groups can be assigned to the Supporter group.


Unambiguous definitions of responsibilities are not possible because they are dependent on the company and therefore variable. In some companies more responsibilities lie with the supervisor, in others with the line manager, and in others again the functions of supervisor and line manager are taken over by the same person.