You can create an onboarding directly.

Alternatively, you can adopt several applications that were handed-over from d.vinci Applicant Tracking System, to onboarding-processes for onboardees.

  Service   Onboarding Consulting

You want to set up an onboarding process or rethink your existing one? We'll help you not only attract employees, but also successfully retain and develop them for the long term.

Method 1 — Create Onboarding Directly

Proceed as follows:

  1. Open the menu item Onboarding. The Dashboard page is displayed.
  2. Press the button Create Onboarding. The input form is displayed.
  3. Fill in the input form:
    • As the business email address, specify the internal company email address of the Onboardee.


      If a business email address is specified, it will have priority over the private one. This means that system emails sent by d.vinci are sent to the business email address. When sending messages manually, the business email address is also preselected as recipient.

    • As the profile URL, specify an existing social meda link of the Onboardee (such as LinkedIn).

    • Select the language of the Onboarding. Various functions use the language selection, e.g. to display suitable options in selection fields or relevant information.

    • Select a Reason for Entry. Depending on the configuration, this leads to the automatic selection of a suitable task package.

    • Specify the time schedule dates for this onboarding process:

      • Onboarding Process Start
      • Contract
      • First Working Day
      • Onboarding Process End


        If the exact dates are not yet known, enter estimated values. You can change the dates at any time. Note that the due date of tasks is based on the time schedule dates. Subsequent changes to the dates can therefore affect the due date status of tasks.

    • Select a supervisor and a line manager as responsible persons. Optionally, you can specify additional responsibilities. The available selection options depend on the previously selected organizational unit.
  4. Press on the button Create to save all changes. The Onboarding page is displayed.

Method 2 — Create Onboardings from Handed-Over Applications

You can adopt applications handed over from the d.vinci Applicant Tracking into new Onboarding files. When you adopt multiple applications at the same time, the same time schedule is applied to them. You can use this function, for example, if your Onboardees start working for your company at collective dates.

Proceed as follows:

  1. Open the menu item Onboardings. The Dashboard page is displayed.
  2. If there are handovers for applications the Create Onboarding button displays a red badge with the number of available handovers. Press the button. The Handovers page is displayed.
  3. Select one more applications by activating their respective checkbox.
  4. Press the  Create Selected button. The Create Onboardings page is displayed.
  5. Proceed as in step 3 of method 1.