Explanation of terms

Onboarding is your employee file, so to speak. Here you will find the tasks per onboarding, information about the onboardee, the attachments that are important for onboarding, an overview of the information in the employee portal and the onboarding history.


On the Onboardings  page, a new onboarding can be created via + Onboarding Create.

See Create onboarding
Applications can also be transferred from applicant management to onboarding or started from applicant management.
See Transfer application to onboarding or Start onboarding

Behavior in the system

  • Benefits
    Onboarding is your central point for data and task management of the onboardee.
  • Relationship with the employee portal
    Some of the data from onboarding is transferred to the employee portal and displayed to onboardees.
    See: Employee portal: Settings in onboarding
    It may also be necessary to adapt correspondence templates so that onboardees are always addressed correctly. See Employee portal: customize system correspondence templates
  • Buttons in onboarding

    •  Send message
      You can send messages to onboardees. See Send or reply to a message.
    •  Comment
      Onboardings can be provided with comments. See Comments.
    •  Gear wheel
      More options are available here.
      •  Finish Onboarding
        Onboardings can be terminated for various reasons. The following reasons are stored in the system. Other reasons cannot be created. Explanatory comments are always possible;
        • Successfully completed
        • Successfully completed ahead of schedule
        • Contract offer not accepted
        • Withdrawal from the contract
        • Contract terminated by employee during probationary period
        • Contract terminated by employer during probationary period
        • Contract terminated by employee
        • Contract terminated by employer
        • Suspension of the employment relationship
        • Long-term illnesses
        • Maternity protection/parental leave
        • Internal job change
        • Other
      •  Pause Onboarding
        Onboardings can be paused if, for example, onboarders are absent for a while due to illness or for other reasons. An explanatory comment is possible.
        If there are unfinished tasks for onboarding, a corresponding note will appear.
        Onboardees are not reminded of tasks while they are paused.
      •  Create Onboarding
        There can be several onboardings for one person. For example, if an internship contract was initially concluded and then the person is hired for a permanent position. The onboarding for the internship may not yet be completed, but the onboarding for the other position has already begun.
        If further onboardings exist, these are displayed in the Data  tab as More onboardings with a clickable link.
      •  Delete
        Onboarding can take place at any time
  • Notes on configuration

    This is a help in case you create an onboarding via the + Create onboarding button.
    Data marked with can be displayed as placeholders in correspondence templates.
    • Personal Details
      In the employee portal, the form of address is as follows:
      Woman/Man/Divers/no salutation + portal setting for salutation: Hello First name Last name
      Male/Male/Divers/no form of address + portal setting for first name: Hello first name
      • Salutation K
      • Title K
      • First Name K
      • Last Name K
      • Date of Birth K
    • Contact details
      • Country
      • Address lines K
      • Email K
      • Business email K
      • Telephone K
      • Alternative Telephone
      • Skype Name
      • Profile URL
    • Onboarding
      • Organizational Unit K
      • Company K
      • Language
        The onboarding language determines the language in which communication with onboardees takes place. Correspondence templates and portal articles/portal tasks are displayed in the respective language, provided you have maintained them in the language in the system. All displays in the employee portal are provided by us in every available language.
      • Position K
      • Personnel Number K
        DThe personnel number is your internal number that you give to hires/employees.
      • Reason for Entry
      • Task Packages
    • Timetable
      • Onboarding Process Start
      • Contract
      • First Working Day K
      • Onboarding Process End K
    • Responsibility
      • Supervisor, Line Manager, etc. K
      • Notify Responsibilities about Onboarding
  • Tabs in onboarding 

    All the information that you entered when creating the onboarding can be found in the tabs. Some of this information is also important for the display in the employee portal.
    Please take a look here for more information on the content and effects of the data in the tabs: Employee portal: Settings in onboarding
    • Tasks
      Here you will find all tasks for the onboarding of this person. You can also complete or edit them from here if you have permission to do so.
    • Data
      Here you will find personal and contact data as well as onboarding data, the schedule and responsibilities.
    • Additional Information
      Here you will find all the data that you have requested from Onboardees via forms .
    • Attachements
      Here you will find attachments of the onboarding. These may have been uploaded by you or via the upload option in the employee portal. You can recognize attachments that have been received via the employee portal by the label/badge on the   employee portal.
    • Employee Portal
      Here you will find the option to grant or revoke access to the employee portal.
    • History
      Here you can see what has happened in the past with this onboarding. For example, entries such as: Comment was added, invitation to the portal was sent, task "Create employee in personnel system" was completed.
  • Reporting/Analysis
    • Export
      You can export a list of onboardings at any time. Here you will find information on the person, onboarding, the tasks of the responsibilities and task completion in the phases. See Excel export of onboardings
    • oData reporting interface
      Üvia the OData reporting interface, data from onboarding can be transferred to external systems and thus used for more detailed evaluations.
    • Feedback on onboarding
      Onboardees can provide feedback on onboarding via the employee portal. This can be found in the menu item Portal settings in the Analysis tab.
  • Renaming
    Changes to the personal data are possible at any time. These are immediately visible to everyone and are also updated in the employee portal. Onboardees are thus correctly addressed at all times.
  • Deletion
    Onboardings can be deleted at any time. However, you may lose your reporting as a result. Although it is possible to keep statistical data, experience has shown that this is not sufficient in many cases.We therefore recommend ending or pausing onboarding. You can access the buttons via the gear symbol in onboarding. In the onboarding overview on the Onboardings  page, these onboardings are no longer displayed, as they are always filtered by active onboardings first.

How our customers use this

In addition to the Onboardings page, which shows an overview of all onboardings and current tasks, onboarding itself is the linchpin of the entire onboarding process for you. The individual onboardings are called up just as often, data is checked, new data is added and access to the employee portal is granted or withdrawn.