Tasks that you do not finish yourself you can assign to other persons.

  • The task must be assignable.
  • A task assignee can be any person with an email address.


  • The task assignee is an internal person without own user account, or a user without responsibility: You want to ask an employee from the marketing department to send advertising material to the onboardee.
  • The task assignee is an external person: You would like to instruct your favourite florist to deliver a bouquet of flowers punctually on the first working day of the Onboardee.

A) Assign task manually

Proceed as follows:

  1. Open the menu itemOnboardings. The Dashboard page is displayed.
  2. Click the onboardee name. The Onboarding page is displayed.
  3. Activate the Tasks tab.
  4. If necessary, activate or deactivate filters to find the task you are looking for.
  5. Press the icon  . The Task input form is displayed.
  6. Fill in the input form:
    • Specify the email address of the task assignee.
    • Under Note for Task Assignee you can type in a text. This text is displayed in the email sent to the task assignee when the task is assigned.
    • For Notify When Done select one or more responsible person(s) who should be informed via email once the task assignee has marked the task as done.

      Comments on completed tasks

      When you write a comment on a completed task, the system will notify you right below the comment field about which responsibilities will be informed about this comment individually.

  7. Press the button Assign Task to save all changes. The Onboarding page is displayed.


You can assign tasks to several persons by repeating the process with different task assignees. If the task is marked as completed by one task assignee, the task is closed for all task assignees.

B) Assign task automatically

The systems assigns tasks to task assignees the moment the task receives the task status Soon due.

Proceed as follows:

  1. Create task.
  2. For Assignable task, select the option Yes.
  3. For Automatic Assign, select the option Yes.
  4. Save all changes.