An HTML editor is a text creation program with which texts can be written in pure form or in a code view as HTML text.

HTML editors can be found everywhere in d.vinci where you can compose and design texts.


The functions displayed in the HTML editor are area-dependent. Only those functions are displayed that are also supported in the respective area.

  1. You can switch between the modes n. Plain text mode is active by default. This mode displays content without HTML markup tags. (Markup tags are the HTML markup elements that enclose content and assign a specific formatting or function to it).
    1. Click on the buttonto activate the source code mode. Here all the contents are displayed with their respective HTML markup tags.
    2. Click on the same button to deactivate the source code mode. Changes made in the source code mode will be visible in the plain text mode.

  2. There are four buttons for quick formatting of texts:
    • Highlight a text and click on (Engl.: bold) to highlight it in bold.
    • Highlight a text and click on (Engl.: italic) to highlight it in italic.
    • Highlight a text and click on (Engl.: underline) to highlight it with an underline.
    • Highlight a text and click on to remove all formatting of the text and restore the normal font. (The icon consists of a bold, italic, underlined T (Engl. text). The x means "remove").

  3. There are two buttons for copying texts. These buttons are disabled by default and are enabled when you select a text.
    • Click on to "cut" the selected text from the text, i. e. copy it to the clipboard and remove it from the text to paste it elsewhere.
    • Click on to copy the highlighted text into the clipboard .

  4. There are three buttons for inserting texts. These work only in Microsoft Internet Explorer(up to version 11).
    • Click on to paste content that has already been copied from the clipboard. This can be an image, a simple text, or even a hyperlink. Formatting contained in copied texts is also pasted. Especially when copying texts from the Internet, a lot of HTML code is often copied along, which only becomes visible in the coding mode.
    • Click on to paste from the clipboard content that has already been copied without formatting. This way you ensure that even when copying from the Internet, only the actual plain text is pasted, without any hidden code.
    • Click on to paste from the clipboard content already copied from Microsoft Word. This way you can easily paste content from Word documents without losing or distorting the formatting.
    • In more recent browsers such as Firefox, Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge, the paste buttons do not work. Instead, a message is displayed:
      • Click on the Ctrl+V keys to paste copied content along with formatting.
      • Click on the Ctrl+Shift+V keys to paste copied content without formatting.

    • Click on to undo an action. You can undo up to 19 actions.
    • The button is deactivated by default and is activated when at least one action has been undone. Click on to restore an undone action. You can restore as many actions as you have undone, provided you do not make any deviating changes in between.

  5. The functionis used to insert placeholders in the text. is therefore only displayed in the HTML editor if the use of placeholders is allowed.