v2020.26 (12/17/2020)

d.vinci Layout 2021

d.vinci presents itself with a new design. Find all information on the d.vinci Layout 2021 in the Service Desk.

Personalize Menu

Alongside the new layout d.vinci also offers an overhauled personalizable menu 2021. All informations can be found in the Service Desk.

Onboarding pausieren

You can now pause running onboardings to concentrate on other, more pressing onboardings. To do so, you can find the new Pause Onboarding button in the new employee. By pressing Resume Onboarding you can pick up paused onboardings any time. When resuming an onboarding, you can reschedule the onboarding time schedule to have the onboarding tasks rescheduled correspondingly. This way, for example, you can pause the onboarding of a trainee to prioritize the onboarding of a coworker returning after a long-time illness.


In one known case Onboarding users could not access the system.


A user could not reset the password for a user with a higher security level. From now on, to prevent users from remaining locked out, passwords can be reset by users for any security level.


When a person was handed over to Onboarding multiple times - for example when the same application was handed over multiple times or multiple applications of the same person were handed over - it could result in an error or data inconsistency.

v2020.25 (12/10/2020)


This version was released internally in preparation for the new features of v2020.26

v2020.24 (11/26/2020)


d.vinci is geting a completely new look in December and will present itself more modern and chic than ever before!
We are currently working intensively on the visual redesign.

  • More details are provided until 12/03/2020.
  • Go-Live is on 12/17/2020


Login failed if the username was preceeded by a space (e. g. because the username was copy-pasted).

v2020.23 (11/20/2020)


d.vinci is geting a completely new look in December and will present itself more modern and chic than ever before!
We are currently working intensively on the visual redesign.

  • More details are provided until 12/03/2020.
  • Go-Live is on 12/17/2020

d.vinci can now process complex metadata XML files for single-sign-on. If a metadata XML file contains information about more than one Identity Provider, you are prompted to select the desired Identity Provider when uploading the file to the single sign-on configuration. This allows you to configure single sign-on even with complex files.

v2020.22 (11/05/2020)

NEWChange Time Zone

If the time zone of the browser differs from the time zone of the logged in user, a note is displayed. This happens, for example, if you travel abroad with a different time zone and log in to d.vinci. As a result, dates and times displayed in the system may not be adapted to the current time zone. The hint contains a link that allows you to synchronize the time zones. This way you can make sure that all dates and times displayed in the system correspond to your current location and that you don't accidentally miss appointments.


In some cases, when an error occurred, the error page was displayed in a modal window, which is not supposed to happen.


In the Safari browser (Apple products) the menu item Administration was temporarily not displayed correctly.


The menu items or their contents were temporarily displayed in different languages.

v2020.21 (10/22/2020)


The back button in the d.vinci header bar now also considers cross-product areas. So you can switch from areas of d.vinci Applicant Tracking back to areas of d.vinci Onboarding and vice versa.


Start of Traning has been added as a reason for entry.


Attachments that were sent out to new employees and that contained special characters in the file name could not be identified by Microsoft Outlook.

v2020.20 (10/12/2020)

NEWAdministration in Modal Window

When you press the Administration menu item the administration is displayed without leaving the page you are currently working on. Press anywhere outside of the administration display, or press X witin it, or press Esc (Escape) on your keyboard to close the administration display. In this way you can have a quick look into the administration without leaving the current page.

NEWSearch the Administration Page

The Administration page now has a search bar. Enter a search term to reduce the administration elements to the search term. For example, enter "Interview" to reduce everything despite Basic Settings because that's where the Online Interview tab is. This allows you to find the administration elements you need more quickly.


When logging in via SSO, links from emails did not lead to the correct paths in the system, but to the dashboard.

v2020.19 (09/24/2020)

NEWGet New Employees via REST-API

The d.vinci REST-API now also offers the possibility to transfer data on new employees. This works in the same way as for applications. Further information can be found in the API description.

NEWEmployee Portal Preview

You can now preview the employee portal for a selected new employee. This way you can see what content is currently online. This gives you a better overview and also allows you to respond more specifically to the new employee's queries regarding content in the portal.

  • Open any onboarding file.
  • Activate the Employee Portal tab.
  • As long as an employee portal has been created and you have the new permission Preview (of Employee Portal) | view, you can see the new button Preview. Press it. A preview of the new employee's employee portal is displayed.
  • You can see (but not change) all portal articles and portal tasks as well as texts and data as seen by the new employee.
  • Press Exit at the top right of the preview head bar to return to d.vinci

Pressing the message icon for unread messages in the profile picture of the new employee started the photo upload. Instead, the onboarding history is now displayed with the corresponding history entry for the message.

v2020.18 (09/10/2020)

NEUUse Business Email Address Starting With First Working Day

You can store both a private and a business email address for the new employee. As soon as a business email address is stored, it will be addressed and used instead of the private email address. However, it is not always the case that the new employee uses his or her business email address before the first day of work. For this reason, the registered business email address is only used by the system from the first working day onwards. Until then the private email address remains the primary one.


Replying to a message in the message inbox or in the onboarding history marks the message as done. This saves you the additional action of subsequently marking the message as done.

v2020.17 (08/27/2020)


It could occur that the placeholder list did not disappear after selecting a placeholder.


In some cases the employee portal was not accessible after installation.

v2020.16 (13.08.2020)

NEWCustomize Responsibilities

To enable an even deeper customization of your onboarding processes, you can now create your own responsibilities according to your needs.

  • The system role Onboarding Administrator receives the new permission Responsibilities | view/ edit/ create.
  • With this permission you can view all existing responsibilities and create new ones under Administration > d.vinci Onboarding > Responsibilities.
  • All responsibilities are assigned to categories.
  • The existing responsibilities Supervisor and Line Management cannot be deleted.
  • All other existing responsibilities can be edited or deleted if they are not assigned to onboarding files.
  • You can create any number of additional responsibilities. When creating a new responsibility, a number of new permissions is created alongside that you can add to user roles to make use of them.
  • The new responsibilities are displayed in various places in the system such as the onboarding file of the new employee, in tasks, in forms etc.


Users without the right to view companies could not access the Dashboard page.


It was possible to select already deleted portal articles in tasks.


In one known case a user could not sign into the employee portal due to a system error.

v2020.15 (7/30/2020)

NEW Company Placeholders

When creating new employees, you can select a suitable company that was previously created in the master data. The field Company appears in the input form after you have selected the organizational unit. In handovers, the field is prefilled if the handed over application contained a company.
You can use placeholders to refer to the company of the new employee or the logged-in user in correspondences and correspondence templates. Enter the keyword Company in the placeholder list to display all relevant placeholders.

v2020.14 (07/16/2020)


This version will be released alongside the next release 2020.15 on July 30th 2020.

v2020.13 (07/02/2020)

NEWDisplay Contact Person in the Employee Portal

You can display a contact person in the employee portal of any single new employee. This feature has to be set up for every new employee individually. For this you can find the new Contact Person card in the Employee Portal tab of each onboarding file. When activated, the employee portal will display the Contact Person card with picture, name, and contact information of the contact person.

If you activate the function but do not select any user, the card will automatically display information on the responsible supervisor. Alternatively you can select a specific user as the contact person. By using this card you can provide new employees with the oppurtunity to address their contact person directly, which promotes the interpersonal connection.


After the release the function is disabled for all existing onboarding files so you can decide for yourself wether to use it or not. When creating a new onboarding file, the Display Contact Person field is preselected with Yes. You can change it to No.


The First Working Day card in the employee portal was overhauled and now displays icons. A huge calendar icon now displays the remaining days until the first working day. The color of this icon is set in the portal settings. And finally, the First Working Day card will now be visible only until seven days after the date has actually been reached. After that it will vanish indefinetly from the employee portal to make room for other information.

v2020.12 (06/18/2020)


We are currently working on improvements under the hood to improve ithe interaction between d.vinci Applicant Tracking and d.vinci Onboarding.

v2020.11 (06/04/2020)

NEWView Data, Attachments, And History of New Employees

Users with the permission New Employees | view only have viewing permission for the Tasks and Employee Portal tab of the new employee. To such users, you can give additional viewing permission for the tabs Data, Attachments as well as History. For this, there is a new permission Data, Attachments And History (of New Employees) | view. In this way you can determine even more precisely, what user can see what content.


Permissions that include the right to edit the new employee by default also include the new permission.


When creating and editing new employees or creating new employees from handovers, users could not select task packages of higher organizational units.

v2020.10 (05/26/2020)

NEWCreate New Employees from Handed Over Applications

d.vinci Applicant Tracking users can now hand over applications to Onboarding. As an Onboarding-user you can create new employees from handed over applications. In this way you can create multiple new employees with the same time schedule at the same time.


In lists you can now select whole lines to open them. This makes the selection of list entries more intuitive.


When using the Internet Explorer 11 browser, completed forms in the employee portal could not be sent.

v2020.9 (05/07/2020)

NoteWe are currently working on improvements under the hood to improve ithe interaction between d.vinci Applicant Tracking and d.vinci Onboarding.
FixedIn some cases the list of placeholders in the HTML editor protruded beyond the display area.

v2020.8 (23.04.2020)

NoteWe are currently working on improvements under the hood to improve ithe interaction between d.vinci Applicant Tracking and d.vinci Onboarding.
BetterSome English translations were improved.
FixedWhen a new employee uploads a file in the employee portal, the supervisor receives an email notification. Then, after a longer period, the same email was sent again by mistake.

v2020.7 (08.04.2020)

NEWEdit Employee Portal Correspondence Templates

With regard to the employee portal, e-mails are sent to the new employee in three cases: when creating or resetting the portal access, or as confirmation after the new employee has registered. You can now edit these correspondence templates and even add attachments. This way you can change the emails to meet your requirements.

FixedWhen a new employee finishes a task in the employee portal, he or she receives a correspondence if it is assigned to the corresponding portal task. In some cases, the content of the format template of this correspondence was left empty.
FixedIn some cases, adding attachments to a portal task resulted in an error.
FixedA portal task could not be deleted if it was linked to a previously deleted task.

v2020.6 (03/26/2020)

NEWContext-Sensitive Help

Via a context-sensitive help you can call up a corresponding instruction or knowledge article in the new Service Desk for the page that is currently open in d.vinci. For this purpose, a blue question mark icon is displayed in the lower right corner of the screen on all pages that have a knowledge article available. Press this icon to call up the corresponding knowledge article.

NEWPurpose of Portal Task

When creating portal tasks, you can now select a task purpose that is aimed at the new employee. Depending on the selected task purpose, the new employee has various options for reacting when opening the task in the employee portal. The new employee can mark tasks as done by opening them and reacting to them. This makes the employee portal more interactive and information between the new employee and the supervisor can be requested and transmitted even more fluently.

v2020.5 (03/12/2020)

NEWInform interested users when task is done
For tasks and task templates, you can set which responsibilities should be informed about the task completion. If the task is completed, the corresponding users receive an e-mail. This way, interested users no longer miss this event, no matter who has completed the task.
FixedThe responsibilities of the new employee were removed if invalid values were entered when editing the schedule.

v2020.4 (2/27/2020)

NEWDisplay by Contract
On the dashboard, you can now display new employees grouped by to the date of the employment contract. This enables you to see at a glance the overall progress for the next upcoming appointment.
NEWDisplay by First Working Day
On the dashboard, you can now display new employees grouped by first working day. This enables you to see at a glance the overall progress for the next upcoming appointment.
FixedThe security level for the user role Onboarding Administrator has been increased from Low to Very High.
FixedWhen writing a message, after selecting a correspondence template, an unnecessary paragraph was generated before and after the template content.
FixedIn some cases, correspondence templates could not be created if they contained invalid HTML elements (e.g. linked images and social media buttons in signatures). The list of permitted HTML elements has been extended to allow more design freedom.

v2020.3 (2/12/2020)

NEWFind New Employees by Their Name
In the dashboard you can search for new employees by name. To do this, activate Display By: New Employees and enter any character strings in the filter New Employee. Character strings separated by a space are searched for as "and". (Example: "jo do" finds "John Doe".)
FixedIn some cases, when using d.vinci in Internet Explorer 10, the main menu was not displayed in the side bar.

v2020.2 (1/30/2020)

NEWExport Form Fields
When exporting onboarding files to Excel spreadsheets, additional information is included. Additional information is data from forms that can be found in the Additional Information tab of onboarding files.
BetterThe icon in the Create Task Package button was changed. This makes it easier to recognize that this is a create button.
BetterThe success message displayed after uploading a file in the employee portal is now more informative.
BetterThe error message displayed after trying to upload a file with an invalid file format is now more informative.
FixedIn some cases an error message was output when creating or internally displaying portal articles that include form fields.

v2020.1 (1/16/2020)

NEWCentralized Administration
We have simplified the menu in order to more clearly distinguish administrative tasks and daily work.
BetterIn the employee portal, the note Finished! is displayed in portal tasks of finished tasks. This allows the new employee to see more quickly which tasks have already been checked off.
FixedUnder New Employees > Additional Information, when editing a card, the input form was opened but did not automatically jump to the correct form section.
FixedWhen canceling the creation a new onboarding process, all filters on the Dashboard page were reset. This no longer happens.