Job publications are posted on application portals or sent as emails via job publication channels

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Required Rights  

  • Create job publication channels


Proceed as follows:

  1. Open the page Job Publication Channels.
  2. Press the  Job Publication Channels button.
  3. Fill in the entry form: Mandatory fields are marked with a star*. All other fields are optional.
    • Display Name - May indicate the purpose of the application portal, e.g. "StepStone".
    • Description - E.g. description of the purpose.
    • Organizational Units - Limits the channel to the selected organizational units. If none are selected, the channel becomes entireley unavailable. If the global organizational unit is selected, the channel becomes available for all job publications.
    • Email Recipient - By entering a recipient, sending the job advertisementvia email becomes possible.
      • Entering a recipient enables the following fields for selecting an attachment file format. At least one file format must be selected.
      • Attach Job Advertisement as HTML in Zip File*
      • Attach Job Advertisement as PDF File*
    • Decide on the Default Value
      • On: As soon as you create a new job publication, the channel is automatically activated. This is suitable for the homepage, for example, as all job advertisements are usually published there.
      • Off: As soon as you create a new job publication, the channel is automatically deactivated. This is useful for job exchanges such as StepStone, for example, where not all job advertisements should be published automatically.
    • Under Notification for Expiring Job Advertisement Placement, select whether users with the appropriate user settings should be notified in their daily e-mail notification of current events when jobs on this job publication channel are about to expire.
    • Additional Information For External Systems/Internal Name are generated automatically.


      An influence can be useful if an external program (e.g. business intelligence tool) is to be linked to d.vinci.

  4. Click on the button   Create, to save the entry.