In the top right corner you see the field  Search Application. Via Search Application  you can search for the applicant's first and last name as well as any contents within his or her application, as far as they could be indexed by the system (full-text-search).

Proceed as follow: 

  1. Enter the applicant's name in the box and/or press Enter directly or the magnifying glass to access the extended search form. The Application Search page with the extended search form and a results list is displayed.
  2. View the search results or narrow down the results by entering keywords in the full-text-search box.


The search results can be further limited by   filters, e.g. by keywords, special characteristics, rating etc. Here you can see a complete list of the filters. 


If you fill several search filters at the same time (e.g. full-text search and last name) then these search terms are searched with an AND link, so that only the results that match BOTH search criteria are displayed.