Above you see the field Search application. Using the applicant search, you can search by the applicant's first and last name or contents from his or her application that have been recognised by the system (full text search).

With a click on the   magnifying glass opens the advanced search (full text search, surname and first name).

The search results are displayed according to the accuracy of the search. The results that best match the search term are displayed first.

By clicking on the icon next to the title of the Application Search page   or   you can change the view of the search results from a tile view to a list view and vice versa. 

Via the field schema configuration   you can set which information is to be displayed in the map view. There are 6 fields available. Here you can choose from: 

You have the option of using   filters to restrict the list of applications.

Without filtering, all search results will be displayed. 

Using the button   Submit Application you can add another application to the system.

You can mark applications by clicking on the icon   and click on the button   Change Status, to move the application to another status. The following options are also hidden behind the icon: