Explanation of term

In the activity log you will find a history of changes. Changes to system configurations are listed.



The menu can be used to access the page activity log.

Behaviour in the system

  • By fitersyou can restrict the search for to a specific type of entry.
    • View can be limited to Date from / to
    • The following actions are available:
      • Create
      • Delete
      • Upload
    • The following elementsare available for applicant management and onboarding:
      • Application form
      • Application portal
      • Application status
      • Basic Settings
      • Customer Service Login
      • Employee Portal Configuration
      • Form
      • Hiring Request Template
      • Job Advertisement Template
      • Job Publication Template
      • Job List
      • Language
      • Layout
      • Messages
      • Organisational unit
      • Permission
      • Portal Article
      • Portal Task
      • Role
      • Task package
      • Task template
      • User
      • User group
      • Workflow
    • If you know the Element-ID, you can search for it.
    • Content searches the entries.
  • You can view the settings you have made and compare this with a previous entry by clicking on the drop-down menu at Details.
  • The protocol reads from left to right.
    • Time Stamp: When did the change take place?
    • Action: Element with the ID was changed
    • User: Who made the changes?
    • Content: Details of the changes

How our customers usethis

Many users want to keep track of which user has made which changes. The activity log helps with this.