External systems (online test providers, digital personnel files, etc.) can be connected via an API. For this purpose, you need an API User via which the external system gets access to your d.vinci applicant tracking system.


With the role you define to which data the API user (i. e. the program which is connected to d.vinci) gets access and what he is allowed to do in the system.

Rights required 

  • Users | create

Proceed as follows: 

  1. Open the Users page. 
  2. Click on the   Button. A selection menu is displayed. 
  3. Click on   API-User. An input form is displayed.
  4. Fill in the input form.
    Elements of the input form:
    Required fields marked with *
    • Username*
    • Organizational unit*
    • Language*
    • Salutation*
    • First name*
    • Last name*
    • E-mail address*
    • Roles*
  5. Click on   Create to save the entries. A message with an API token is displayed in the foreground.
  6. Save the API token. You will need it in the program that will receive data from your d.vinci.


    The API token cannot be viewed again. Save it or generate a new one if required. As soon as you generate a new API token, the user's previous API token is deleted and can no longer be used!