Explanation of terms

API users are virtual, non-human users. They represent external systems that are connected to d.vinci and can perform actions in d.vinci (e.g. perform status changes or retrieve data).



See Create API user.


Behaviour in the system

  • Purpose
    External systems exchange data with d.vinci via interfaces (APIs
  • Permissions
    Which actions the external systems are authorised to perform is determined - as with human users - using Roles and contained Permissions . By assigning an API user with defined roles and rights, the external system can act like a real user in d.vinci.
  • Special rights for API users
    • Transmit test results as an API user
    • Manage external links as API user
    • Finish online interviews as API user
  • Naming API users
    API users must not contain any special characters. Otherwise you will receive an error message and will not be able to save the user.

How our customers use this

As soon as an external system is to have access to functions in d.vinci, for example to make status changes, you must create an API user who has the necessary permissions. This API user can then retrieve the data and transfer it to the connected system.

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