You can forward an e-mail application in your Outlook mailbox etc. to a mailbox in d.vinci and enter it from there.

The prerequisite is that you have activated the Candidate Experience module and created a mailbox beforehand.

How to find out the d.vinci mailbox address for forwarding:

  1. Press Messages in the header of your d.vinci. 
  2. Press Mailboxes
  3. Press on one of the existing entries. At Name the e-mail address appears which is relevant for you.
  4. Copy the e-mail address.
  5. Open your e-mail program where the application is and forward the application to the e-mail address from your d.vinci. 

Proceed as follows to enter the application: 

  1. Press Messages in the header of your d.vinci system. The Messages page with a list of all messages is displayed. 
  2. Press on the message that contains the desired application. The content of the message is displayed on the right side of the screen. Depending on the screen size, the content may also be displayed at the bottom.
  3. Press Application in the message. The input form with the same name is displayed.
    Depending on the size and quality of the attachment, it may take some time to capture. Please wait a little while. 
  4. Fill in the input form or check/correct the information that was detected during CV parsing.
    You can view the original documents on the right side of the screen.
    To do that, press the button next to the page title. 
  5. Press the Enter button to save the entries. The Application page with the applicant's details is displayed.