You can create an unlimited number of mailboxes in your d.vinci system. You can forward applications to these mailboxes, e.g. from Outlook, or via the Scan2Mail function of your scanner.

Applications can be entered directly from the mailbox. The attachments are automatically added to the applicant file.


  • Automatic pre-filling of data
    Customers who use the Candidate Experience Module, can also use CV parsing. This means that when you enter an application from the mailbox, data is automatically read and fields are conveniently pre-filled. You then only have to check them.
  • Naming of mailboxes
    We recommend that you name your mailbox differently from the default e-mail sender so that your colleagues' absence information does not end up between applications.
    Most of the time you will use an address such as this as for the default email sender:
    For mailboxes to which you forward applications, a suitable address would be, for example: or

Required Rights

  • Create Mailboxes

Proceed as follows:

  1. Open the page Mailboxes.
  2. Press the   Mailbox button. An entry form is displayed.
  3. Fill in the entry form.
    • Name*


      Allowed characters are "a-z", "A-Z", "0-9", "_", ".

    • Organizational unit*
    • Automatic Deletion
      If activated, old messages in this mailbox are automatically deleted from the system after the specified number of calendar days from receipt of an e-mail. Enter a minimum of 30 and a maximum of 180 days.
    • User groups


      For users whose user group is stored with this mailbox, the number of available messages is permanently displayed in the user interface.

  4. Press the Create button to save your entries. The Mailbox page is displayed.