Images can be inserted into job advertisement templates via a link. 


However, the images may only be displayed correctly on your website.
Many online job sites such as Stepstone filter out additional media such as images in addition to the panoramic images from the job advertisements before publishing them.

Proceed as follows: 

  1. Open the job advertisement template in which you want to insert the picture.
  2. Click on the edit icon   next to the text block that is to receive the image. The Edit Text Block page is displayed. 
  3. In the editor of the Content field, click on the icon  . An input window Image Properties is displayed.
  4. Fill in the input form and, if necessary, set a link that is to be reached when the photo is clicked on. 
    • URL
    • Alternative Text
    • Width
    • Height
    • Border
    • HSpace
    • VSpace
    • Alignment
  5. Click on OK to save the entry.