Explanation of terms

Job advertisement templates, together with the layout, form the graphical framework for the job advertisement.

In the job ad template, you specify the fixed texts with which a job ad is to appear and at which point, changeable content - for example from the job opening / job publication - is to be dragged via placeholders.

 Service   Job advertisement layout and job list

You want to change the design of your job ads? Job ad, job list, application form and/or thank you page need a revision? 


  • Via menu, calling the page Job advertisement template and pressing the button + Job advertisement template, a new job ad template can be created.
    • When creating a job ad template, you must select which type this job ad template has. This determines the graphical structure and which content from the job ad template can be transferred or read out to job boards, if necessary.
      • Types: 
        • Standard
          For a very free presentation on your website
        • Liquid Design (StepStone optimized)
          For submission to StepStone, Google for Jobs and job boards.
        • Standard and Liquid Design
          You can display the job ad on your website using the standard settings of the job ad template and design it according to your wishes.
          However, StepStone or other job portals would pull the information from the Liquid Design and display the job ad accordingly.
    • Job advertisement templates can be edited in a field group of the respective type.
    • If required and with activated foreign language licenses, you can edit your content in several languages in parallel.
    • Additional code can be entered via the Additional Header in the Data tab.
  • Created job advertisement templates can be conveniently relocated to other organizational units, in the edit more of the Data tab.
  • More information about the fields, which can be filled in the Job Ad tab, at the respective types Standard or Liquid Design (StepStone optimized).

Behavior in the system

  • A job ad template can be selected in the job publication.
  • If no job ad template is selected in a publication, the one of the application portal is used.
  • Benefits should only be displayed as a list in Liquid Design, otherwise display errors may occur.
  • An additional apply button can be inserted in the job advert using the placeholder Job Publication - Additional Apply button . However, for the best performance and user experience, you should only insert one additional Apply button per container.

    Liquid Design: Only insert the additional button in the "Position/ Details (Liquid Design)" container to prevent the button text from being read and published by job boards (e.g. StepStone).

    Standard: Please insert the additional button in the "Introduction/ Position" container.

    If you use the "Apply with WhatsApp" function, the WhatsApp button will always be displayed before the first Apply button of a publication.

  • By Button Labels, you can change the text, which is "Apply now" by default.

    It is not possible to use different button labels in one application portal.

  • HTML elements such as a fold-out menu (accordion) can also be inserted into your job ads using HTML code. However, this can lead to display problems with job boards. That's why we recommend to use it only in the standard and not in the liquid design.
  • As a placeholder with personal reference, only the placeholder Responsible user of the job opening can be selected in the job advertisement template. In this way, we ensure that no editors who are only acting in the background are named externally. 
  • HTML code can be inserted via the Additional Header.
  • Image files can be uploaded to a job advertisement template not only by clicking the Click to Upload button, but also conveniently by using the drag-and-drop gesture in the image upload area.
  • If a job advertisement template is relocated to an organizational unit that does not match, you will be alerted to this by an error message right below the Organizational Unit field. You can then correct your selection and update the job advertisement template.

This is how our customers use it

For display on job boards, it is recommended to use a job ad template with the Liquid Design type. Many customers therefore create their job ad templates with the Standard and Liquid Design type. This way, the desired perfect presentation on the website and a suitable presentation on job boards can be guaranteed.