Explanation of terms

With activated video pitch/ online interview, applicants can introduce themselves to you in a 30-second video. Together with our partner Cammio, we are making this feature available to you as a cost-free freemium version with an unlimited number of video pitches.


You can activate the feature on the Basic Settings page, on the Partner Integrations tab.
See: Cammio Video Pitch/ Online Interview - activate

Behavior in the system

  • Benefit
    With video pitches, you give applicants the chance to stand out from the crowd by recoring a 30-second presentation of themselves. The videos also provide you with a better first impression of the candidates.
  • Number and duration of video pitches
    Together with our partner Cammio, we provide you with an unlimited number of 30-second video pitches in the freemium version. You can therefore activate this feature in all job openings.
  • Workflow for you
    Once the video pitch has been activated, you have the option of offering your applicants a video pitch in the job opening. If you activate the option in the job opening, applicants will be given the opportunity to introduce themselves to you in a 30-second video in the application form. After submitting the application, applicants will receive an invitation with a link to the short introduction by email. As soon as applicants have clicked the link in the email, you will see a gray bideo icon next to the profile image in the application. This indicates that the person has not yet submitted a video. Once a video is available, the color changes to turquoise and you can watch the video by clicking the icon.
  • Workflow for applicants
    1. Applicants fill out the application form. They will see the option Start video self-introduction: Yes/No.
    Underneath, they will read the hint: Would you like to introduce yourself to us in a video (approx. 30 seconds)?
    Once the application has been submitted, an email will be sent with an invidation to our online interview platform.
    2. Applicants will receive an email with a link to the short video presentation. This will remain valid for 7 calendar days.
    3. If applicants click the link in the email, the website for the short video self-introduction will open. It contains the following text:
    Short video self-introduction
    Welcome to your automated online interview. Before you begin, you should familiarize yourself with the following important information.
    You can repeat your response twice. If you repeat your response, your previous response will be overwritten and your last response will be submitted.
    You have until XX.XX.20XX 23:59 (GMT +01:00) to complete your interview.

    They also have the option of pressing a "Tips and practice" button. This will take you to a website with tips and training opportunities. The link is as follows:
    4. In order to create the video, applicants must agree to Cammio's terms of use and allow their browser to use the camera and microphone.
    5. A short check whether the camera and microphone are recognized correctly takes place.
    6. The recording can now take place and then be played back. If you do not like it, the recording can be repeated twice. The third version must be submitted or the short video self-presentation must be aborted.
    7. After pressing the "Submit interview" button, a green tick appears and the message "Your online interview is complete. You can now close the browser."
  • Number of attempts for applicants
    Applicants have three attempts to produce the best possible video presentation. The previous video is always overwritten with the most recent one.
  • Correspondence Templates
    We will provide you with a system correspondence template that will be sent out to provide applicants with the link to submit their short presentation. This correspondence template is automatically available in all system languages.
    It contains the following:

    Subject: Invitation to Short Self-Introductory Video

    thank you for your application and your interest in working for our company.

    We are pleased with your decision to introduce yourself in a 30 second video. Please click on the following link to be directed to our online interview platform:
    Note: This link is valid for 7 days.

    Best regards

  • Longer video pitches or video interviews
    If you would like to use more than 30-second pitches, please contact Cammio. If you have a contract with our partner, you can set up premium access to additional features and extend the pitches in our Basic Settings.

  • Re-sending the invitation
    In the free freemium version, it is not possible to subsequently send applicants a link to the video pitch. Applicants would have to reapply for the job opening and then confirm the video pitch option.

Help with configuration

  • Video Pitch*
    • Off
      By selecting this option, the video pitch feature will not be present in any job opening.
    • On, Freemium with Terms of Use from 01/01/2024
      By selecting this option, you will accept the Terms of Use of our partner Cammio and be given the opportunity to activate the video pitch option in the job opening, while also benefiting from unlimited number of video pitches. Applicants then have the option of opting to introduce themselves to you in a 30-second video in the application form.
  • Credentials for Premium Account
    Cammio offers you numerous additional features that you can obtain directly from our partner.If you have contracted these with Cammio, you can enter the credentials here and the additional features will be available to you in d.vinci.


Would you like to expand your video recruiting or are you interested in what is possible in this area? Please get in touch with Cammio.  Our partner has many other features in store for you, such as scheduled video interviews.

This is how our customers use it

Video pitches are a great way to give applicants for the position of a social media manager or other creative jobs the chance to stand out from the crowd and for you to make an even more meaningful first impression.