In the job opening you have the option to offer your applicants a video pitch

If this is activated, applicants are given the opportunity to introduce themselves to you in a 30-second video in the application form. Das für den Bewerber sichtbare Feld nennt sich Kurzvideo-Selbstdarstellung. After the application, the applicant receives an invitation to the online interview platform by e-mail. There he can upload his short presentation.

This is a fabulous opportunity to give, for example, social media managers or other creative applicants the chance to stand out from the crowd and for you the chance to make an even more meaningful first impression. 

For this, together with our partner Cammio, we provide you with 50 video pitches per month in the freemium version, activated in the basic settings in the Licence tab and in the Partner Integration On, Freemium tab. 

Procedure for the applicant: 

  • If an applicant has indicated in the application form that they would like to apply to you by short video, an    icon will appear in their application next to their photo. This is initially grey as long as the video is pending.
  • The applicant will receive an email with a link to the short video presentation. This is valid for 7 days.
  • Clicking on the link opens the online pitch portal. 
  • To be able to make the video, the applicant must authorise the browser to use the camera and microphone. He can repeat the video as often as he wants, only the last repetition will be submitted. 
  • As soon as the short introduction has been made by video, the icon is highlighted in blue and the video can be played via the icon. 


If you would like to use more than the 50 pitches, please contact Cammio. You can set up premium access to additional functions and expand the pitches in the basic settings.  

In the free version, it is not possible to subsequently send the candidate a link to the video pitch. The candidate would have to apply again and then confirm the video pitch option.