Explanation of terms

With IP access rules you can restrict who is allowed to access your d.vinci.

This can affect the whole system as well as only parts of the system, like an application portal.

For example, you can grant access to the application portal "Intranet" only to a certain IP circle that belongs to the internet network of your company. 

IP Policy Exceptions allow you to allow access from other IP ranges for individual applications/system areas.


Open the Basic Settings page and press the Security tab. After pressing the edit icon you can enter IP Policy.

After entering an IP, the field IP access rules exceptions. If you select one of the following elements there, then you can access the elements from other IP ranges and only the elements not selected are still protected by the IP access rules.
Elements to select: 

  • d.vinci systems (Applicant Tracking, Onboarding)
  • Test provider API
  • Reporting API


IP Policy:
IP Policy Exception: Reporting API
It is still possible to access the reporting interface from any IP address and thus retrieve data if the appropriate security elements such as tokens and co. are known.


Please check beforehand whether users may not also need to work or retrieve applicant information while on the road or at home. The IP access rules must be designed accordingly so as not to keep these users away from work. An alternative for these colleagues is to use a VPN connection.  

Format of the entries

The IP Policy field accepts the entry of networks with the "/" notation as well as the entry of individual IP addresses.

If the notation is, the system does not infer a single address.

The correct notation is 12.2345.123678.2.  

Behavior in the system

  • Usage
    Once IPs have been entered in the security section, access is only granted to users who log in from this IP.
  • Consequences
    If a user is no longer able to log in, he will receive the error message: Access not allowed
  • Find out personal IP
    It can help to search for your own IP on the Internet via "How is my IP" and to send it to someone in the company who can check whether this IP is entered in the security area in the basic settings and, if necessary, have this colleague enter it.
  • Double Entries
    Duplicate IPs are removed and just one entrie is saved.

This is how our customers use this

Many customers have set up a VPN connection for work from the home office or on the road and then restricted the IP to the range of this connection.