Browsers are the programs that allow you to access the Internet.

Examples of browsers:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Internet Explorer
  • Edge
  • Safari 

If you receive the access data for d.vinci initial by e-mail, a link is also listed in this e-mail.
If you click on this link, the URL will be opened automatically in the browser that is set as your default browser.

If applicants cannot apply to you because they receive an error message, it may be helpful to ask which browser was used by the applicant. This may help us at d.vinci support to better understand the system behavior. 

The same applies to questions that you forward to us: In case of display errors in the software, for example, it may be helpful for us to know which browser you used to access the d.vinci system.


If you report errors in the system, we often ask you for your browser and the browser version.
Please look up the browser version on the internet and make a note of it before you contact us. We almost always need this information for error analysis.